The health and wellbeing of all our customers is our absolute priority.

Following the recent update from the government to close schools from Friday 20 March, we have taken the decision to coincide the closure of our leisure facility from 9pm on the same date until further notice.

Keeping fit and active remains important for everybody’s health and wellbeing and is one of the best ways to build resilience to viruses. To help you keep up your fitness levels we are working with our instructors to provide a series of filmed classes and exercises that you can take part in, in the comfort of your home to maintain your activity levels. These will be available on our Bolsover TV channel.

We will be using the time of closure to do a deep clean of the facility and undertake routine maintenance so when we do open again it will be fully ready for you to use again.

As the situation is fluid and constantly changing we will provide regular updates on our website and social media platforms on activities to do at home and with all relevant information regarding re-opening.

For information on memberships and bookings please see our FAQ section below.

If you have any specific questions or queries please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on our social media platforms or telephone us on 01246 242 365. Please bear in mind that as we will be operating on skeleton staff it may take a while to answer your query.

Many thanks and keep safe and well.

Go! Active


365 Memberships

The 365 household membership is an exclusive deal and is unrivalled in the region. All remaining Direct Debits (from 2 April) for households that have signed up to this deal will be frozen and re-started when we re-open. Due to the time period we had, our banks and our Direct Debit collecting agency could not cancel or freeze the Direct Debits due on 1 April, but the ones for 15 April and until we re-open are all frozen. Unfortunatley we cannot provide refunds as the company who collects the Direct Debits has gone into furlough and we do not have access to the monies collected until they return to work.

Any period of closure will be automatically added to the end of your membership. i.e. If you joined on 1 February 2020 and we are closed for two months, your membership will be extended for two months and your new renewal date will be 1 April 2021.

Individual Memberships

All individual memberships have been frozen (from 21 March) along with your Direct Debits. These will be restarted when we re-open.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You have every right to cancel your membership whenever you want. Please see our Terms and Conditions for how to cancel.

Swimming Lessons

All swimming lessons have been frozen along with your Direct Debits (from 21 March). These will be restarted when we re-open.

Party Bookings

If you have a party booked, please contact us on 01246 242 365 and we will offer you either a full refund or an alternative date in the future.

Block Bookings

All block bookings have been frozen. The length of time you have remaining on your booking will carry forward for when we re-open again.

New Bookings

Please note due to the ever-changing nature of the situation will are unable to take any new bookings as we do not know how long the closure will be in force. Please keep checking our website and social media platforms for updates.