'No Shows' on session bookings


We operate a 'no show' sanction on all our bookings at present whereby, if you book a session and fail to show up for that session, the system will automatically start a 30 day 'no show' sanction.

You can still book after failing to show up after the first no show but if you book another session during that 30 day 'no show' sanction period and fail to show up, the system will automatically block you from booking anymore classes online or at the kiosk for 30 days. You may however, still book with the receptionists in person.

This is to make the session booking system fairer for all members wishing to avail of the sessions as we have a considerable amount of people booking and failing to show up. You can cancel online, kiosk or via the receptionists.

So if you cannot make it to your booked session please have the courtesy to cancel yourself off and allow another person to participate. You can cancel up to 90 minutes before the session via the app, telephone or online. Anything later than this needs to be done by contacting reception on 01246 242 365.

In addition to this if you turn up late for a session then you may be turned away due to the Covid-19 rules and sanctions we currently have in place.

Please note that only members of our facility can book sessions via the app. Non-members will need to telephone 01246 242 365 or visit our reception to book sessions.