Activities and sessions available from 19 July


Below is the information on what activities and sessions will take place and when, following the Governments lifting of restrictions from Monday 19 July 2021.


  • Although not mandatory, face coverings can still be worn in public areas of the facility.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be removed. However please be respectful of other members and users and if someone requests that you give them space please respect their request.
  • Customers must use their wristbands when accessing our facilities and activities. If you have lost your wristband then please contact our reception and you will need to purchase a new one for £10.
  • If you are a new member and have not yet received a wristband, then please call in at reception to receive one.
  • Our online membership screens and booking screens are available to use.
  • All one way systems will be removed
  • All lost property will be logged as normal and kept for a maximum of three-months before being disposed of.
  • We are continuing to sanitise and clean all areas of the facility.


  • The existing pool timetable with booking system and double lanes will continue up until and including Monday 19 July. After which, bookings are not required and the pools will be allocated as follows:
    • Large Pool
    • 6am-4pm - 3 lanes = Lane Swim, 3 lanes = Public Swim
    • 4pm-7pm – 2 lanes = Public Swim
    • 7pm-8.45pm – 3 lanes = Lane Swim, 3 lanes = Public Swim
    • Small Pool
    • 8:30am-3pm and 7pm-8.45pm with exceptions that it is closed on Tuesday from 9:30am-10am, Wednesday and Thursday 1pm-1.30pm and Friday from 11.30am-1.30pm.
  • From Saturday 24 July until Sunday 5 September we will be operating our school holiday timetable and there will be no booking system in place.
  • From Saturday 24 July, pool classes will restart. You can book these through our App, online booking screens or at reception.
  • From Monday 6 September, we will operate our pre-Covid pool timetable and there will be no booking system in place.

Swimming Lessons

  • Swimming lesson numbers will increase and customers will receive an email informing them of their new times and days.
  • Children can wait for swimming teachers on yellow benches at the side of the pool.
  • As we can increase numbers in our swimming lessons, customers on swimming lesson waiting lists will be informed if they have be allocated a place and what their day and time is.
  • If you want to join our swimming lessons, then please visit our swimming pages and click on the swimming lesson tab for more information or use our online form to register your interest.


  • Gym activities and all equipment/machines will be made available and return to normal
  • For users aged 15+ there will be no need to book a session as you will be able to just turn up and use.
  • Gym inductions will take place in-person on the gym floor.
  • There are no restrictions on customers training together and you can ‘spot’ each other on all equipment.
  • Customers are requested to continue to clean and wipe all equipment after they have finished using it.
  • Staff will sanitise all gym equipment once it closes at 8.45pm (Monday to Friday) and 5.45pm (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Personal training sessions will take place within the gym.
  • Family sessions and junior gym sessions will recommence and can be booked as normal via our reception.


  • Classes will move back into the studios and return to pre Covid-19 capacities.
  • Classes will continue to stay at 30 and 45 minute durations to enable us to sanitise the studios before the next class.
  • You can use our booking screens to show up to classes and book new classes

Sports Hall

  • All sports hall activities will return. This includes badminton, indoor football, netball, social activity hub, Super Tots, etc. Bookings can be made via our reception.


  • We are accepting bookings for parties again. Please use our online party form so we can deal with your request effectively and efficiently.

Soft Play

  • Our Play Kingdom will be available during our normal opening hours.
  • There is no requirement to book a place, as you can just turn up and play


  • Open as normal 9am-7.3pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am – 4pm (Saturday and Sunday) with normal capacity limits.
  • Tables and chairs will be set out in the café

Thermal Suite

  • Open as normal with normal capacity limits.
  • There is no requirement to book this facility.

If the information above does not answer a query/question you may have please contact us on 01246 242 365 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please bear in mind it is a busy time for our staff preparing to implement these changes again, so please leave a message and someone will get back to you.