TRAKK – a whole new world of fitness

 TRAKK your fitness.
TRAKK your workout.
TRAKK your classes.

Our new all-in-one fitness app, TRAKK will allow you to enjoy a fully connected fitness experience. Using the TRAKK wristband and console technology you can easily track your completed workouts and transfer this data to your mobile device.

The app and its functions will be available from Monday 27 December 2021. On your next visit to the facility, please speak to a member of our gym staff, who will configure your current wristband and explain how it works. Please note that you must sign up to our terms and conditions to use it.

  • Gain access through the controlled barriers
  • Plan and manage your workout
  • Record your results
  • Download example workouts and share them with friends
  • Book group exercise classes
  • Capture and record additional indoor physical activities such as swimming
  • Manage and record your fitness activity outside the facility

This new app will work alongside the current Go! Active app until 28 February 2022, after which members will need the TRAKK wristband and app to access a whole new world of fitness in our facility.

Please download the app today from Apple Store or Google Play.

Please note that members must wear their wristbands at all times when using and accessing the facility as without it you will not be able to use the machines in the new gym. Pay as you go customers will need to purchase a wristband for £10 from our reception as without one you cannot use the machines or track your workout.

If you lose your wristband you must notify us on 01246 242 365 immediately and it will cost you £10 to purchase a replacement.